Beige,Camel and Vanilla

Well I guess everyone of you have thought about these tasteful colors especially for the coat. As you can see it become so popular as strong in previous one. I surely couldn't avoid this item too. Now I have a little complication- I can't decide and also can't find an appropriate coat for me. I actually heard about dufflecoats become very useful in spring 2012. But nevertheless I nedd to find smth special and unique perhaps;) Well here're some examples of my choices and I hope you'll gonna love it too.
What do you think about these shapes and shades of the coats? I'll read your opinion with a great pleasure!

Express yourself

Have you ever thought about the best ways to express your own personality? Well I guess surely -yeah, but sometimes we wanna be so special and unique but the right sources're not avaiable in that moment. I mean it's not so easy to find smth that'll be really be impressionable for ourselves. Here I would like to introduce you seme wrist watches which I explore just some days ago accidentally. They seem to look like very modern and super unusual way of showing the time-with a help of LED light dots that circle around the whole way. They remind of moving planets in the Universe. The case's made of polycarbonate with hardened mineral crystal. while the wrist gear's made of custom injected silicone with stainless steel buckle. All these watches're created by the brabd Nixon and they're aviable in a plenty variable colors but my favourite one is white and the model-Newton. The brand also invents different models for women too. But I guess Newton seems to be for the both genders;)

Ralph Lauren Fall 2012 RTW

Honestly Ralph Lauren was always one of my favourite designers ever. This unique collection reminds me about vintage fashion with such patterns and materials. The colors're also adorable and camel/chocolate,vanilla become popular too. Grey striped  and checkered suits from natural materials-what can be better for autumn?Wool coats with a lit bit androgynious fluence make all the looks terrefic attractive,dinky and wonderful. Hats amd masculine shaped trousers(wool) looking as a sight of confidence. Well I guess you'll be inspired;)

Vibrabt Watch by Karim Rashid

creating a watch can be considered as an art too. Look at hese vivid and positive design by one of my favourite designer-Karim rashid. Clear shape and sensitive minimalism(as call his own desig Karim) will always looks like very stylish and modern. 

Romantic Goodies

well since my last post here I had a lot of work in my study and it's pity I couldn't congratulate u in St.Valentine's Day. Hope u had a greate time!
But besides I had some gifts from my relatives. I recived it just on the 14-th of february and surely I was very pleased and gratificated!
Last month I was thinkin' 'bout some new colors of lipstick to me but honestly just didn't have enough time to buy it! Recently I rarely used solid lipsticks I merely suggested it bcoz I wasn't sure it'll look great on my lips. But these goodies make my mood raisin' up and they're definitely created for me;)
Body Lotion by Carolina Herrera-is somethin' I was obsessed about durin' long time.It smells devine and I advise all sweet&romantic perfumes addicted ti try it!

Burgundy Skirt and Opera Mood

Since my last visit opers house in my current tiwn I really miss this place-I mean I would deffo come back again and watch/hear something devine again. U can ask me why I'm speakin' about opera and how can I link it with burgundy color? Well I just wanna introduce you my today's look-with main accent -my lovely burgundy skirt that I bought at sale week in Copenhagen. I've no exactly idea why but during all this day I listen to THIS AREA
and find it very beautiful. I promise-if you'll open this link you'll surely be inspired as me I think;)
So, may be this heaven music involved me to wear such outfit!
And also 2day I firstly decided to combined my thick pullover(it's pity that it doesn't have turtleneck coz I'm always so cold) and my adorable real leather italian belt! What do you think about this composition?
My fur collar always saves me from being too cold sometimes, but thankfully today was just -18C;)
p.s. There you can also see my DIY bag-I created faux fur pattern and sticked it together with top layer of my bag. I actually did it accidentally jst in order to customize my bag.
Hope you'll like it!

Vanilla Vintage Inspiration

Some time ago It wasn't so cold here in my current town and I surely  I could be shot in such autumn coat as this one. I like 2 cherish that days with a sunny weather and clear warm air!
May be in your places there's cold too? Share your thoughts about it;)


today's the 12-th and we have 2 wait just 2 days before St.Valentine's Day'll come. Everybody's already involved in romantic mood I guess<3
So, now I would like to share with you my wish list-but it includes only bags and satchels coz I suppose it can really inspire you!
I decided to create seperated lists with shoes too but I'mma publish it a lit bit later.Tomorrow I think.
Almost all the items I found in online store, HERE
that means you'll always be able to check it up and buy your favourite;)
which one do u like the most?
As for me as a bag-addicted person it's not easy honestly to choose a bag or satchel even when I'm trying to buy it! I wish to have a special wadrobe room specially for bags!

 interesting to know your opinion about these goodies. May be you would like to recieve such one for St. Valentine's day?

1-Anya Hindmach Nevis Tri Color Leather Tote

2-BE&D Wasson Bag
3-Maison Martin Margiela Studded Clutch
4-BE&D Bela Satchel
5-Diane von Furstenberg-Harper Laurel Bag
6-Alexander Wang Emile Large Satchel
7-Foley&Corinna Mid City Tote
8-Rebecca Minkoff Fling Clutch
9-Phillip Lim Soft Patent Satchel
10-Marc by Marc Jacobs Karlie Bag
11-Chloe See

Before goin' to sleep I wanna share some of my fav<3 gowns/dresses from WINDSOR online shopin'site.
Guess u'll like it!

That Narrow Skirt

2day was my 1-st day of study in our new semester. Honestly I was a lit bit upset 'bout our current weather-in the mornin' it was -25C and surely it doesn't allow me 2 wear my favourite light dresses. But besides I decided 2   include in my 2days outfit some warm items-vintage narrow navy English Skirt(I accidentally found it at flea market this winter) and thick black tights. But I still wear autumn booties:( Yup it's cold but u know they're so cozy and they're harmonized with th whole my look so well..That's the reason why I prefer 'em.
I also tried 2 change my hairstyle and when I came into my friend said  that I'm lookin' like a person from a retro movie;)

Luxury Goods:Certina

Since I firstly saw Certina watches I defenitely fell in love with their clear and harmonic design where simplicity seems to express sophistication. Certina's well known luxury brand producers watches both for men&women.
In Grenchen, brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth founded their first movement and supplied factory for the watchmakin' inducstry.Now Certina is one the best watchmakin' companies with attitude of elegance,luxury and high quility.

Cacharel pre-fall 2012

Following a convincin' spring debut new Cacharel designers Ling Liu and Dawei Sun are findin' their footin' in the storied french house. For this pre-fall the duo's stayin' true to the label but nevertheless they used 2 include in this collection some graphic prints insred of plenty floral.

Louis Vuitton opens in Rome

well it passed twenty years since historic Louis Vuitton Boutique was founded in Lucina in Rome's Piazza San Lorenzo. And in January 2012 another Store was opened in Rome!Called Roma-Etoile it has been created where the Cinema Etoile used to stand. The space is the result of a huge restyling operation led by the architect Peter Marino, creating a boutique divided over three levels.

Laurent Perrier Champagne

It's not a secret that the key of successful celebrations and events are good appropriated drinks. And surely it's impossible 2 avoid such well known kind of sparkling wine as Champagne. One the most famous company priducin' high quility champagne is Laurent Perrier house founded in 1812. This brand seems 2 b one of the world's best sellin' champagne behind only  Moët et Chandon and Veuve Clicquot.

MD´s Prosecco & ChampagneLaurent Perrier

Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture

Today I did a lot of work and now I'm a lit bit tired. But the thig is I accidentally explored now this fresh collection by Elie Saab and surely I would like 2 share it with u.I think he's so famous now that everybody can easily recognize his soft colos, especially in this season-pastel shades and evenin' gowns lookin' like a light milk cream shakes!

a little bit vintage

 well well, 2day was very busy day and actually I even didn't have enough time 4 a long time
 fotoshoot. That's the reason why we decided 2 shot me here on the staircases in my uni.
 Thanx 2 the sunshinin' day which allowed us 2 play with the lights&shadows.
also 2day I firstly composed my adorable Lita shoes with faux leather h&m leggings, I've just wanted 
2 b in the chocolate mood. May b this can help me 2 feel myself a lit bit warmer coz now we've -20C 
and I guess such weather desn't inspire 2 do smth exept layin' down on the cozy sofa&wathin'
 movies. But surely I   promise I'll post here despite this mood;)


Vito Selma-unreal design in real life

well i'm sorry I couldn't write here in previous dayZ I just didn't have an internat supply. Also the weather conditions were so hard, honestly the only great desire I had was only sleepin'. But Now I hope it won't b so cold as it's been b4 (-25C).
some hours ago I've visited my fav<3 online channel-LUXE.TV and suddenly discovered incredible furniture design by Vito Selma. He's a young designer full of plenty awesome ideas!
this beautiful sofa belongs to the tribute to the ocean collection. U see this curves represent the weaves crashin' against the surf. Great idea and I guess it's super cozy 2 seat there.