noget fra den nærmeste fortid/something from the nearest past.

Just 3 months have passed since I've been to Copenhagen but I still  clearly remember each day of my journey, like it all happened yesterday... Unfortunately I didn't shoot as much snaps as I wanted too bcoz I simply couldn't find enough time. But now I accidentally stumbled upon some photos which I would deffo share. It was shot not by me, but nevertheless despite this fact, they seem like smth important, that actually reminds me about treasure moments of that time.
Gammetorv, it's not faar fromStrøget, where there's plenty of different shops,stores and cafes. I miss this place, it was very cozy to walk here and smell tasteful aroma of fresh donuts from the little store in front of this square,called Seven Eleven, where I also found everythin' I needed, includin' card for cell phone.

here's this store. It was workin' even in New Year, that's the reason why I bought here a lot of donuts for celebratin'. 
here I met New Year and actually I was very impressed by so huge crowd of people, who were truly happy and this feeling was flyin' throught the air! The fireworks were wonderful, very vivid and the whole atmosphere was cheerful. The most beautiful Fest I've ever  attended.
Kongens Nytorv
my brazilian friend met me here. Frankly I didn't even expect that;)
We spend funny time and I'm glad that I had so unforgettable New Year!


momto8 said...

lovely picture...reminds me when i was there a long long time ago!!
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nice pic!

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this blog is a good example of style and taste.