New Sweet Goodies!

well today was very cool and pleasurable day for me-I endly could find the polish and lipsticks of my favourite colors. In this year I don't no why, but I'm addicted to pale pink and warm sand&chocolate colors. I renovated almost all my closet but I definitely needed some spiacial make-up goodies in order to end up with the whole theme of pale colors. I already used such calm tones in lipsticks but today I suddenly noticed this delicious fuchsia pink by london brand-Rimmel. I immediately bought it and guess what-It looks great on my lips. I hadn't been expectin' this and surely I feel myself satisfied with this vivid and romantic color. Polish by Sally Hansen-I always appreciated this brand bcause of its quility. That's very important indeed when the polish cover the nails without any gaps and other troublemakers. Also my glitter crystal rose glow will be perfect detail for the daily use, even for the university!
Actually what do u prefer to use-lipsticks or lip glows and what advantages you notice of each product? I'll be very glad to know your opinion;)

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