Romantic Goodies

well since my last post here I had a lot of work in my study and it's pity I couldn't congratulate u in St.Valentine's Day. Hope u had a greate time!
But besides I had some gifts from my relatives. I recived it just on the 14-th of february and surely I was very pleased and gratificated!
Last month I was thinkin' 'bout some new colors of lipstick to me but honestly just didn't have enough time to buy it! Recently I rarely used solid lipsticks I merely suggested it bcoz I wasn't sure it'll look great on my lips. But these goodies make my mood raisin' up and they're definitely created for me;)
Body Lotion by Carolina Herrera-is somethin' I was obsessed about durin' long time.It smells devine and I advise all sweet&romantic perfumes addicted ti try it!

Also I almost forget to include in my description my burgundy  nail polish. All colors seem to look like in a whole romantic theme;)
The Lipstick shades're a lit bit muted becoz I guess I'mma use 'em as everyday make up. This's my first Dior Lipstick. Warm shades and natural shinin' makes it feel supercozy on the lips. The second one is L'oreal lipstick. Brighter shade-looks fresh and almost non visible. Perfect for everyday use too.

and whst do U think about such colors and shades-do they seem very vivid for your daily use in common or may be u suppose they can make the whole look more serious and more confident?


beautiful me plus you said...

Thank you for visiting.. I love red... and I am not afraid to wear it... I just like to have some kind pop of color, and be it just my nails.. and I often wear red lipstick in office...
following you now!
x Marina

HelenDushko said...

Thank u dear<3

Lola Finn said...

Hey lovely :) thank you so much four your nice comments and compliments!!