Beige,Camel and Vanilla

Well I guess everyone of you have thought about these tasteful colors especially for the coat. As you can see it become so popular as strong in previous one. I surely couldn't avoid this item too. Now I have a little complication- I can't decide and also can't find an appropriate coat for me. I actually heard about dufflecoats become very useful in spring 2012. But nevertheless I nedd to find smth special and unique perhaps;) Well here're some examples of my choices and I hope you'll gonna love it too.
What do you think about these shapes and shades of the coats? I'll read your opinion with a great pleasure!

May be you can also advise for some special stores where I'll able to explore interesting ideas about coats;)


Mia's Little Corner said...

They all look great!!:D But my favourites are the first and the last one:D

Stop by some time:D


Mia's Little Corner

Lola Finn said...

Hallo :) ersttmal vielen lieben Dank für alle deine Komplimente :)
Zu meinen Illustrationen: Also, zuerst muss ich natürlich alles mit der Hand vorzeichnen!
Dann scanne ich die Bilder ein und bearbeite sie mit Photoshop oder Illustrator... Meistens mit dem Photoshop :)

MRSKA said...

Love the coat! Very chique.

Jasmin said...

Die See by Chloé Variante wäre mein Favorit (vorausgesetzt er ist nicht zu lang - wonach es aber aussieht,hmm) - denn mir wäre eine taillierte Form bei einem Mantel sehr wichtig - und das klappt am Besten mit einer Gürtel Variante ;)

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